Chocolate Pudding Cake...Soap !

Chocolate Pudding Cake...Soap !

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Soap classes at The Granville Island Soap Gallery!!

Well, its THAT time of the year again! Soap classes return to the gallery in the fall staring October 15th which is a Saturday.
Staring at 10 am:
Beginner class: this class we learn to scent and colour glycerine based soaps essentially reformatting them to wonderful creations of your own doing. We will do hand tinted Koi fish, lemon candies, donuts with sprinkles.
Intermediate class we learn to do more elaborate items like embeds in cakes, decorating cakes and techniques to make dessert type soaps.
Advanced class students are shown two ways of traditional soap making...cold and hot process using essential oils. This is a old school way of soap making using fats and lye. No students under 16. pls bring a clean 2 litre milk carton to take some product home to cut and dry the next day.
.............all classes are fun , interesting and students take home some of their own work.
Simply call the store at 604-669-3649 to register!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

New Products at the Granville Island Soap Gallery!!

Hi Everyone!
This summer has been super busy with all the great visitors coming to Granville Island as well as the 'soapers' that stop by for a wee chat. I LOVE going over recipe ideas with people from their teens to well into their 80s.
It seems that a lot of people have had an interest in soap making at least once in their lifetime and many have tried with mixed results.
Some great stories come out of it either way!
Sooooo the next step in our great plan is the continuation of our hand made products, especially the soaps and the Moisture Mousse, especially the Moisture Mousse which we cannot.....cannot keep n the store or make fast enough.
I know one of the reasons is that my "mother-in-law" June is forever asking people to try one of the four scents we have in the line and once on the hands or arm people are hooked!
We like to call our Pomegranate and Orange mousse..."whipped cocaine" try and you are hooked.
This leads us to expand our line coming at the end of September (I know, later than we expected...hey we've been busy eh!) with:
All organic products consisting of:
 Peppermint foot gel
 Aloe eye gel
Spray-in detangler.
Bath oil
Bubble Bath
Kids bubbles
Lip balm
Liquid hand wash
Massage bar
...........and more!
We will do these in our favourite scents like "Summer garden", Lavender, French Vanilla and Naked.

the best part is that we will have a recycling program with the bottles so we will reduce the plastic footprint. Only ONE bottle will be out there per person rather than multiples.

anyway...thats it for today....back to making soap!