Chocolate Pudding Cake...Soap !

Chocolate Pudding Cake...Soap !

Friday, August 10, 2012


Eh mag GAWD!!!  busy busy at the Granville Island Soap Gallery this summer to say the least.
Hi everybody...hope you are having a nice summer. I have been pretty bad as usual in doing my blog entries but that is the nature of summer time I guess.
More soaps have been made as well as a few more products.........the lastest:

Peppermint-Talc Foot Gel
a soothing and cooling foot gel to soften and refresh even the tiredest of feet.
sounds yummy doesn't it?!
it is.
mah tired feets can attest to it.
How can ones feet get so crispy and gross by working in a store and manufacturing area??

perhaps if we were running on rocks and sand the dry areas would slough off?
regardless I do love making products that work for me and people come back touting the virtues of such...........maybe it makes me feel slightly empowered heehee.

People have as always, been asking about SOAP MAKING CLASSES..........well they are on hold until January 2013. Then we will be going great guns in that department.
This summer we will be running around being the busiest soap shop in Vancouver and then we are doing the Circle craft Christmas Fair
upcoming in November which should be a blast!!
It always makes me feel a wee bit nostalgic and Christmassy by kicking off the season with this show.

ok more later
Cheers and bubbles!

oh!! PS  thanks to Gayle Wallace from Australia  (a fellow soaper who watches my youtube videos) for stopping by and simply being delighful and charming!  we took a pic to send to our pal Karen in Cumbria England.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hi everybody!
well it has been an interesting week this past one!
We have been doing some of our new products this week and they are finally out! yay!
along with out famous "Moisture Mousse",  Peppermint Foot Balm, Massage Beans, and of course 520 different soaps, salts and bath bombs we now have our Natural lip balms, 6 different Room and linen sprays,6 different Natural body sprays, Mint foot gel, " Get Naked" bath foam, "Get Naked" shampoo/body wash.
.and we are just getting started.
I'll check in next week if I am still standing to let you know about our new website.
cheers and bubbles,

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Moisture Mousse at Granville Island Soap Gallery

Hi everybody!
I must admit I have been remiss in doing the blog
entries especially since our YouTube videos are taking
off and people are checking the blog.
We will be launching our retail oriented website this summer
as it IS time to do so. Usually we do our orders over the phone
when people call the Soap Gallery but a new site will
make things a wee bit easier.
The only problem may be that we do sell a lot of product by weight so I'll
have to figure out that process.
New soaps are being made every day and I sometimes can't keep up with the
making of it. Nice problem right!?!?
Our store on Granville Island is busy as ever so come on by!
You will see us making our most popular Moisture Mousse... A super
hydrating cream for the entire body that is not greasy rather it is
like putting a light layer of moisture right into the skin along with
our "Summer Garden" natural oil fragrance blend which is orange and pomegranate
mostly as well as our French Lavender....divine!! And of course
the Creamy organic Vanilla. We also do a scent free one called "Naked"
today I will be heading in early just to make more!!! Yay.
See you at the store!!!
All the best.
Darren Monette

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Me and Dianna Agron

So recently we had the nicest young lady with her friend Sebastian in the store shopping here at the Granville Island Soap Gallery.
Now, we get a lot of celebs shopping here at both The Soap Gallery and our other store Woofles and Meowz recently, such as the likes of Russell Crow............likes beeswax candles......Cloris Leachman......cute as anything......Jennifer Beals......woman just does not age.......and lots more!
So being a super fan of the GLEE show it was nice to see Dianna Agron in the store.
She is every bit as nice as you would think she is and having been cast as the "pretty girl" in the show I believe the casting director did their job.......she is GOR-GEE-OUS!!!
I did not want to stand next to her super handsome shopping date, Sebastian as he has that typical actors physique that renders anyone in close proximity to look like an ogre. "Standing next to you we would look like the number ten" I said feeling a bit Rhubenesque (thats chunky for y'all) so he was nice enough to take our pic ............"quick!! I can only hold in my gut for so long haha"
Look for Sebastian on an upcoming episode of "Once Upon a Time" which is filmed here in Steveston which doubles as Storybrooke, Maine.

Truth is Advertising takes Ivory soap to task

So! recently I have noticed that Ivory Soap or more accurately the people at Proctor and Gamble have decided quite shrewdly to advertise on Youtube on the channels that show handmade, natural or organic soap. Natural soapmakers being a particular lot that for the most part, put a lot of effort into making soap and cosmetics with natural ingredients and/or list any bio-synthetics that are present.
The "rub" is that Ivory seems to be touting its product as a "pure" soap.............and it may just be............but Pure WHAT???????????
99 +44/100s pure soap made with beef fat is lovely but misleading to say....a vegan person. Lets have a more concise labeling structure in our products shall we?!?!?
...oh and by the way........our PURE soap is made with Olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, water and sodium hydroxide (lye) that makes it.........what...100% pure?

...........jus' sayin!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Soaping on Granville Island

its been sooo long since we put together a blog entry that it is embarrassing!! The only thing I can say is that we have been super busy with Christmas and its aftermath that life gets in the way.
Update on soap classes:
Soap classes are booked solid up until March and that one is possibly booked by a large group....nice problem to have right?!
We HAVE also been working on the new products in our line and added to our already super Moisture Mousse(s) we have our Peppermint Foot Balm which has turned out to be a best seller.......yay! its super emollient and the oils really help with cracking feet.
"ladies and gentlemen! your sheets and socks!!!!! get the Peppermint foot balm.....those of you who KNOW about crispy heels and how it wreaks havoc on nice sheets know what I'm talking about......forget even satin sheets!!   SHRED!!!!

Also in our new lineup is the Moroccan Spice Massage amazing little bean about 1.5 inches by 1 inch that when warmed to the skin provides the perfect amount of  "slip and drag" which, if you have ever worked as a massage therapist is really important. The cool thing about these beans is that you do NOT have to shower or even sponge bath afterwards as the skin really accepts the oils readily to moisturize beautifully!
We decided to make these in a small size to fit the palm of your hand nicely and you can get several uses out of one bean without a half used massage bar just hanging around looking forlorn and gross. We infused these little beans with a gorgeous spice mix including Vanilla, Frankincense, Sandalwood so it is warm and sensual and not overpowering to the person getting or giving the massage. I use them on my hands when they get dry too.
We have rounded out our natural bath bombs to include, Spicy Orange, Summer Garden (our signature scent) Peachy Peach, Amber-Rose, Fresh Cucumber, Lavender blend, Sandalwood, Buttercream, and Cherry Bombs for the kids (with a toy inside).
Come on by the store here on Granville Island located right under the Sandbar Restaurant at the Creekhouse.
see you then!